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Ginger Lord

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This is driving me nuts.

I have 3 years of degree work in XSI and yet getting stuff into Source baffles me. I just cant get stuff to export right. When it does HLMV wont load it. Or when it does the origin is not where I've told it to be.

Need some good "back to basics" tutorials, I'm obviously missing something.

Using XSI Advanced 6.02 if it makes any difference.

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They've switched to Maya. Now all of their DMX toolset is in Maya plugins, etc. And it's not a plaintext anymore so Wunderboy can't write an importer/exporter for DMX stuff until Valve gives him a few header files.

I've already got the headers, they're in the OB SDK.

And DMX is nothing special and not needed for modelling really. DMX is just a generic file format that Valve seem to be switching to. It's kinda like binary XML with specific datatypes for data. From a modelling point of view most of the data you get in a model DMX is in an SMD anyway, its just stored differently.

I'd probably play with making a DMX toolset if I had more free time and motivation.

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It's all what you're used to, I never modeled for years last stuff I did was in BIS Oxygen, very weird app all in Czech used for making Operation Flashpoint. I picked up Softimage couple weeks ago to make some simple props and seems to work fine, learning it quickly. It's like anything though, depends what you pick up I suppose.

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