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The multiplayer is definitely a mess. I have the PS3 beta, and in the TDM map it's absolutely horrid, the firefights feel crappy, the spawn system super unfair, and frequently even if you're on the winning team the game gets no fun because the way the map is designed leads to easy camping for a spread out winning team and you can end up not seeing an enemy for a few minutes straight as they're all killed on spawn by someone else.

The objective map, where the US has to go through checkpoints to blow up some AA is better, but ends up having a ton of spam, and maybe it's just me, but I always just end up murdering the hell out of everybody and completely dominating the server whenever I play that map from the US side. I don't think I've ever once see the US win because the insurgents have a really long spawn timer and have to hold out the US until the game clock runs out, and the US gets more time each checkpoint they reach. It's like a really badly balanced TF2 A/D map.

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As much as I can't fucking stand Linkin Pork, that song is one of the much lesser evils they've come up with and kind of fits with the game. I just hope that they don't stick loads of shitty angst-metal tunes in there as well or it will ruin the atmosphere.

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Is it just me or in the sniper video, did he say stuff like "He's down" every time he did a heatshot, and when he finally doesn't do a headshot he says "Headshot"? Sure sounded like it though ;). But yeah, they're definitely trying to put up a fight with COD, hope it turns out nicely.

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Ginger Lord was telling me today how bad the SP was, with multiple occurrences of getting stuck over a 10 minutes play session. Getting in buildings with no way outs until you snipe two guys at a distance with no hint whatsoever as to what to do etc...

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