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[TF2] Ctf_Thebes_b01


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Hi everyone!

I've been working on this map as a side project for quite some time now, and it's finally ready to be distributed to the public. It would be great if you would give it a run through, and let me know what you think.


Thebes is a medium sized capture the flag map. The map consists of a central bridge separating the two teams. There are two entrances to the main yard, one of which takes the direct route, the other following the water underground. Finally, double-jumping scouts and explosive jumping players can access each team’s battlements that flank the sides of the bridge, allowing a very advantageous third entry point.

The goal when making this map was to create a simple yet balanced capture-the-flag layout which was fun for both offence and defense.

I hope you enjoy, and please feel to contact me with feedback.


Download Links:






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Looks good in the thumbnails. It is a bit more courteous if you link us to the full size images though, so that we dont have to grab them off a different forum. So I hope you don't mind but i linked them here for the others.







So for the crits:

I like the deep red color in the first screenshot, but the broken wall could use for some detail (more triangles for a more convincing break, and maybe some displacement for rubble)

I am not sure if I like the fog so much (might be the color, maybe make it more yellow/orange for sand/dust)

Third shot, can't tell what the dark area is on the ground, I am guessing its the road, but it looks odd from this angle)

The rest of the outside is looking rather nice, though some areas under the shadow seem a bit dark

Definitely love the bridge, I dont know if thats a custom model or what, but it looks great.

And for the last shot, the area where the bridge meets the displacement cliff looks a bit odd. I suggest adding a little platform it connects to, rather than stopping abruptly in the cliff.

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Oh thank god you lined them. I couldn't be bothered to click the link to go look.

On initial inspection I'd criticise the light. The top is bright while the bottom is secluded in shadows and rather dark. I'd pitch the light down more to brighten, and liven it up some.

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