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chopstiks takes some pictures (56k tears)


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Here's some of my favorite photos, from Jordan, the US, Nepal, Germany, Italy & Monaco:

No thumbnails on some either, so I recommend you press f11 and get the full experience...

Jordan to start:




And then some others:



(Mapcore resident oski plummeting towards the sleepy Austrian town of Innsbruck :D)


Onward to Nepal with some smaller resolutions:




3399862644_306b33eb17.jpg ____________ 3399031669_9d80a4c8b6.jpg



And then Europe, specifically, Italia:




Soon done...

Onward to the Berlin Zoo:





Anndd Monaco:



Hope this wasn't too many, enjoy :D

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Cool stuff! I really want to go to Nepal. We'll have to go on some sort of trip when you're back :) Do you do some sort of denoising? We have the same camera, but I'm always annoyed by how much noise I get.

Sure, I just have to gather up some moneys :D Denoising, no, I just take them with RAW at highest res and then view them in a lower resolution. I also have decently steady hands and always try to keep the ISO as low as possible, and if I have to take it with high ISO, I sometimes makes it monochrome to get rid of the color noise. Without the color crap going on I find the noise quite nice-looking really.

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Great shit man! You surely has been to many interesting places. I hope I'm able to do that one day.

By the way this pic screams BIONIC COMMANDO all over the place :P


Crop it slightly at the bottom so you can't see the grass ;) Nice pictures hehe

I'm still waiting for a game to do the middle east justice, it's so organic and yet seems simple, but it really isnt ;P

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks for all the nice comments.

The one with the dromedary and the second shot of Nepal's set are both stunning!

Beware of vignetting though! You can reduce it by using a larger focal length or fix it in a software ;)

I like it, I usually increase it in post-editing actually :D

Get that sensor cleaned :oops:

I know, I will, I should post edit the desert pictures to get rid of those spots, I'm lazy tho :D

any chance of some desktop resolutions?

Maybe when I get back from my long vacation in South America that I'm on now, it's gonna be a few months though, hope you can wait :D

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