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[L4D] First Attempt WIP


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Hey guys im new here but i thought i would post on the project im just starting. Currently in the design stages working on floor plans, story, location ideas...etc.

So here are my thoughts so far!

Its going to be a sort of underground base facility type scene. You start off in a holding room that opens up during the infection taking place and its your job to escape. As you progress you will come across various areas including the food hall, kitchens, medical facilities and eventually an underground train area that is your mode for leaving the base.

Will post progress as it happens - A bit of a side note im new to hammer (im used to unreal) so may take me a little while to get used to it but lets see how this baby turns out :D


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First Update - Done a few different map layouts but here is what i think im going to go with... still early on so room sizes might change and more little rooms might be added for zombies to hide in. Still planning so anything could happen. Aim is for approx 15 mins gameplay so another 2 floors probably to add and final escape big battle.

Story is starting to form a bit better too. This facility was holding some of the infected to try and find a cure (stereotypical story line) one escapes and starts infecting the whole facility... As we get further out we find more dead people and more infected and generally things get worse the further up you go (as you would expect as they escaped upwards). Room flow i think will go along these lines : Security Room -> Labs -> Dining Hall -> Kitchens -> Backroom/Utilities -> Office Rooms -> Main Entrance (train station)



Im using photoshop for creating these as ive found a pretty quick way of making rooms (create a white block and chuck on a stoke layer style, then just duplicate and resize) also i find creating a main shape for the building in the first place helps it feel more like a real place.

C&C Welcome :)


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I think you should not add so many weapons and grenades. Seems pretty small to me, so there is no need for those things in this amount. As far as I see and expirienced in l4d these two floors will be dealt with within 5min. I think. You will need more than 2 more floors to fill 15sek. Perhaps add a street and another building. My 2 cents

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Yep this is only first 2 floors tho. First 5 mins maybe after the alarmed door mob... The Grenade areas are potential spawns not definate so they might spawn might not as this is done a lot. The 2nd floor weapons area is more likely either an ammo drop or few health packs... maybe just a 2nd pistol. Oh ive been looking around seems like the L4D2 SDK is due on release (so tomorow) so will make it for that instead as it gives me more items and things to play with.

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