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KotH_Switcheroo Beta 4

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Are you working on it in Norway?? I tried it with bots, and the only thing I found a bit annoying was not being able to shoot through the fences.

Yeah I find that very annoying as well. But if I remove collision on the fences and only clip it, then bombs and rockets will be able to pass through as well :(

Anyway, the map has been updated to Beta 3 now, and I've made a zipfile with the TF2 bot navgraph as well.

Download :


Navgraph (with instructions) :


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Massive bump here but I wanted to say this is one of the best KOTH maps ever!! It has become everyone's favorite KOTH map here at the office.

However I noticed we were playing an old version (beta2) and I think the atmosphere is much better in beta2 than in beta3 so you should definitely return to that.

On another note, offblast is everyone's favourite arena map so that means you are a kickass level designer :)

insta for president~

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Okay I've released beta 4 now, almost exactly a year after beta 3!!

Here's the changelist :

Overall detail/lighting pass

Added areaportals

Some additional signage

Prop fade distance pass

Replaced fences in arena with brush versions (no more dodgy bullet/projectile collision)

Lowered texture memory by A LOT (177.5 to 108.5mb, 69 mb less!)

Changed environment setting

Changed soundscapes and fixed some soundscape bugs

Added balcony inside buildings near cap

Redid some graphical stuff

Fixed some light imbalances

Added a path onto roof near cap

Spruced up the spawn areas a bit

Fixed a very embarrassing bug

Download link :


Happy new year!!

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What was the "very embarrassing bug"? A giant prop_static accidentally hidden?

The spawn door collisions were set to Open on touch, so the opposing team could nudge against them, remove the bullet/projectile collision and shoot through the animated prop and into the spawn hallways :o

I don't think anybody did that though :neutral:

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