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KotH_Switcheroo Beta 4


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Finally found some spare time to finish up and release beta 1 of koth_switcheroo, a TF2 map I've had laying around since around september!

The map is set in a ore loading facility which both sides are really keen on controlling. The capturepoint is located on the ore loading tray, which is the highest point of the level.

Some screenshots :




And a download link (Updated) :


Hope I haven't screwed anything up, fingers crossed!!

Update: I....updated the post! With beta 4 :derp:

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Bump! Updated the map to Beta 2!

Changelist :

-Simplified clipping in main arena and removed collision on some models for smoother rocket/demoman jumping.

-Removed clipping from roof of shacks near bases and the two towers near capture zone.

-Changed right flank neutral ammopack to large instead of medium.

-Rebuilt Red base exterior to better fit the alpine style.

-Tweaked fog distance.

-Some texture changes and graphical fixes here and there.

Download here :


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Great work.

I have only one deception on TF2: all maps are similar, you see one you saw them all. Same kind of environment, same kind of feeling, same kind of textures and so on.... I'm not saying that are not good levels to play and enjoy, i'm just sad to see many similar environments :(

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