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To bad they are removing his artwork because it's illegal in London and I guess everywhere ...

It's not quite as cut and dry as that. It's really down to who's item he's graffitied. A lot of his pieces on private property are kept now because they put the price up, but most pieces on public property are removed apart form some rare cases.

I went to see his show in Bristol this summer, 3 hour queue to get in but it was well worth it.

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To bad they are removing his artwork because it's illegal in Londen and I guess everywhere ...

Uh, that's hard to believe. He's like a national artist there, hard to believe that they're wiping away all his work. Got source?

If you can understand dutch :)


Not a fan his. Way too overhyped pop phenomenon. The Brittney Spears of fine art.

So if someone/something turns mainstream they automatically suck? :lol::lol:

No but he gets way too much attention. Hes just one of many many street artists after all.

And you think he wanted that? he spreaded a message while he stayed anonymous.

But your right about 'there are many other street artists'. But its great that he gets some attention ... he deserves it.

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