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Someone on polycount told me about this thing! :) It's pretty useful and easy and.. free!

I can see this being bought by Google sooner or later.

Basicaly you can have your own online space that you can put files in there, and they automaticaly get synced with both your home and work computer. This is especially useful for me to put my references folder! :celebrate:

Btw, If you wanna take a peak at it, help yourself I made it public:

http://www.getdropbox.com/gallery/28573 ... s?h=d2fdfb

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SVN turned out to be completely unable to handle the massive amount of files we were transferring and became a massive hindrance to us. Dropbox on the other hand had no trouble with anything we threw at it. Dropbox is linked to everyone's computer on the project. Add something, and everyone gets it. Delete something and everyone's gets deleted. It's great.

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Why are you guys making it sound like we don't know what we're doing? We have an internal server setup that rebuilds everything every few hours so it's easy to fix something if it breaks. SVN is still used to commit items but not relied on so heavily anymore.

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it's too bad there's no security and full public access. we used it briefly for our current project, but went back to assembla.com and svn because it's much better for collaboration. we're also waiting for google wave invites to arrive so we can test this out as a collaborative tool.

Only stuff in your Public folder is public. Anything in a folder other than that is only accessible by you, and then you can share folders between dropboxes where only those in the share can get it.

I imagine it's not super secure but i'd hold the average guy out.

Thats pretty awesome.

But using it instead if svn??? That sounds like a terrible terrible idea. Good luck fixing the build after someone fucked it up (which will inevitably happen).

Supposedly it stores older versions for up to 30 days but I haven't used this feature.

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Stop generalising stepp.

I'm not generalising. It's simply the reality of game development. Happend countless times on every project that i have worked on.

I know that at Criterion they even have a silly hat to wear for the guy that fucks it up for others.

reverting anything on dropbox isnt any harder than svn though

Didn't knew that. Its not as bad as i thought then of course.

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