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Off Limits - Russia

Wesley Tack

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That's some nice stuff regarding that this is source :)

Nice wide open areas for an indoor level and great amount of detail. Looked even a bit to busy at first but I think with a well readable gameplay this level will never get boring!

Especially like the parts with green and blue lighting. The rest has too much red in my opinion :)

Nevertheless, good job!

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The only thing that i don't like 100% is that every room has a completely different lighting. It certainly helps orientation but from a visual pov its a bit chaotic.

Yeah definitely. The first 5 or so screens seem pretty consistent, but the rest could be pulled from 3 or 4 different levels and I wouldn't know it.

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the blueish lighting reminds me of Mirror's Edge. Very cool Map with a lot of high quality details (Models, Textures, Shader). Only a few things like the ladder or the washing machine are standard content. GOOD!!

but i think you could add more next-gen textures on the whole environment. Some parts could be rebuilt with the good old gold-src engine without a different.

And sorry if i didn't read the whole linked article.

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Thanks for the feedback and comments!

I'm doing one last pass on lighting after receiving some comments about it...

I'm also gonna go back to the more dramatic look from the original version.

And I'm also making sure it will look ok with the -StaticPropLighting setting,

which I didn't feel like doing at the time a couple of months ago ;)

The submarine dock is pretty much done already, this is how it looks:


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