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but you're a miserable old miser.

ratings systems are a nice way to see what people actually think, sometimes there is a vocal minority that can appear to be giving the attitude of a great many more people than they actually are. where a post rating comes in useful, is to see how many people agree with what has been said. i have seen it used in a number of forums and you generally find that it doesn't interfere with the general posting, and it often improves the quality of posts because people think about what they are saying a little more.

of course it isn't a mandatory feature that must be used, but it's a nice little something that can be used out of choice.

something like this:

http://www.phpbb.com/community/viewtopic.php?t=46456 ?

i'm sure the overlords can find something better, more suited to the needs of the core

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ratings systems are a nice way to see what people actually think

I personally never really liked rating systems (some forums go way overboard with them).

And to know what people think you don't need a rating system imHo.

If you have posted a thread asking "do you like my work" and after 500 views and 0 replies I think you'll get the picture of what people think.

Also, if people do reply don't you then read what people think, which tells more then a "thumbs up" image.

I also think by adding a "cool" "thumbs up" feature people will only be attracted to those posts (which is what you are going for by starting this thread, basically you want to know what threads have cool stuff and which have noob stuff in it that you don't want to see). But that imHo is a bad idea cause then beginners won't get the attention they might need to improve their work (which is what a lot of forums like mapcore are for, helping people out, helping the community).

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Significant forum work is on hold until the next version of phpBB, as we've got years of hacks and modifications that'll basically all be undone and I'll have to re-implement them — except this time documenting what's put in place so I actually know what we have. :oops: Planning to work in a new theme at last, too. Hopefully won't be long until it's out though, it's in beta testing AFAIK.

If some kind of consensus regarding a rating system becomes apparent here I'm willing to incorporate it. I personally don't think a full-blown rating system will add much as most posts on MapCore are generally pretty decent, however I do like the 'Thanks!' feature some forums have where you can give someone props for a good post. Kind of feels warm and fuzzy to get approval of your posts, as usually if someone likes it they just say nothing unless they have something in particular to add. :-D

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