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The Technodome (Hl2dm)

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Hello guys!

Heres my current project; dm_technodome.

Its a hl2dm level with custom gameplay mechanics and a few custom props.


The Technodome has a gameplaymechanisc similar to Crossfire and Runoff, however with a slightly different touch.

There are three Energy Cells placed around the map that players can pick up with the gravity gun and put into three sockets. When all sockets are full a door opens to the safe room and a bombraid starts. The bomb raid works as falling from the sky of the level and hits certain areas of the map randomly, so players have to watch out as they run to the safety room. The bomb raid ends with a nuke similar to runoff and crossfire, but players who managed to get into the safe room survives and score 5 frags. The energy cells can also be used to spawn the RPG and crossbow at two locations on the map and to block a path at one of the bunkers seen on the first image to get a tactical advantage.

To help players know how many batteries are put into the sockets i implemented a HUD-element using env_screenoverlay. Here is a shot (you can see it in the upper left corner):



The layout is similar to crossfire in an abstract sense; there is the main area which is very open and with lots of vertical shootin'. The second area is were players have to run through to get to the place were they put the batteries into the sockets (last image). This area is usually not very crowded. The level is quite small in size and is most fun with 4-6 players.







The bomb you can see in the last image is made by Pontus "pomperi" Karlsson.

I've been playtesting the level quite a lot the past 4 weeks and its really fun. I hope to release a beta you can try out soon. Please let me know what you think <3.

Beta download:

http://www.filip.coulianos.se/files/dm_ ... e_beta.rar

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Yes, i was very inspired with drift as i did the technodome... Until i added ww2 bunkers, bombs and other crazy stuff! :D

I just added the energy cell and its socket.

Just finished the energy cell and its socket. Its pretty much standard sci-fi. Its done old school; hand painted texture with only low poly model. No spec or normal so save filesize. The pic is just a screenshot from maya with fullbright.


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