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Let's talk gaming mice!


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I bring this up because I just cannot replace my old Razer Diamondback Plasma. I've tried the new 3G version and it just isn't the same. It looks the same, but responds and feels completely different and I just can't get used to it even after 4 months of continuous use. I gave up just now and plugged my old Plasma in and oooooooh it's bliss. I replaced it because it likes to cut out sometimes which isn't very useful in a multiplayer game! I've tried looking for a new one but it was a limited edition mouse and not even ebay has any :(

Everyone keeps raving about logitech mice, what are they like? And does anyone have an unused Plasma they don't want anymore? :P

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I've been using the G5 for a few of years, then the scroll wheel broke, and I bought another G5, but the v2 version (basically a new colour, and an extra thumb button!) Cos It's awesome... :)


Good thing about logitech, is that It's good for both gaming and work. Razers are too hardcore gaming for me, and not as comfortable on the hand as the logitechs.

Give it a try, It's not cheap but you probably wont be disappointed. Besides, this G5 comes with a standard USB polling rate of 500hz (Even on Windows XP), so It's a great input speed for gaming (aiming), and it has a a lot of DPI's as well.

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":2irzx5wi]I've been using the G5 for a few of years, then the scroll wheel broke, and I bought another G5, but the v2 version (basically a new colour, and an extra thumb button!) Cos It's awesome... :)


Same here, except mine hasn't crapped out, so I'm rockin the v1 with one thumb button, and I love it. :)

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Logitech Mx 518.

Mine unfortunately got sporadic and died after a year and a half of solid gaming. Into intensive care it went.

The wires inside broke at the tip of the mouse (Where it comes out) From drag of the mouse cord hanging over the edge of the table. Little bit of solder later it works flawlessly.

I'd recommend it, unless you wanna get the Gxx that has adjustable weights, dpi, etc.

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I'm a sucker for logitech stuff, and as I don't do all that much gaming on the PC I prefer their wireless mice. I used an MX1000 for a while which I really loved, but then I decided I wanted a decent mouse at work as well so took that into the office and bought an MX Revolution for home. I think both are awesome, though not without their faults. The mouse wheel really doesn't work well as a button on either of them, for example; very hard to press without scrolling the wheel accidentally. They can also be a bit tricky to get settled into their charging cradles right, which occasionally means 30 seconds of fumbling before it decides to start charging.

The MX Revolution MORE than makes up for any shortfalls with its thumbwheel though. It sits under your thumb's natural resting position and can be tilted forward or back, and it can be pressed as a button with ease. Really comfortable to use, and with 2 thumb buttons for back/forward alongside it, it means you can use it really nicely for tab switching in your browser and mouse 3 on press. Really smooth to move, perfect weight for me, pretty steady wireless signal with only the very occasional hiccup, and looks sweet. If you're really into your PC gaming then the *occasional* few milliseconds of dropped signal might be a deal breaker, but for somebody like me it is really spot on.

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