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soenke c. "warby" seidel - Environment artist


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my name is soenke c "warby" seidel and i am officially available for freelance work again !

i have over 8 years of commercial game industry experience during which i have been specializing myself in realtime environments.

contact me if you have an offer for me:


warby @ gmx dot net


i can work off of other peoples concept art:


i can do 2d concept art myself also if needed:


i know my way around in most of todays popular 3d engines like source:


or unreal:


but also low-tech stuff like wii specs is no problem:


it doesn't have to be a complete environment or building it can also be a prop package:



i can also combine 2d and 3d seamlessly (call it a bullshot if you want to ^^)


still not convinced ?

checkout my website for more:


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I'm not convinced... I want more.

:D Great stuff buddy. Love your work, just don't like your website very much.

It's little bit confusing to navigate, and too much lost text, especially the "highlights/details" zone.

The built-in gallery isn't too intuitive either.

with that being said, you're one of the best artists I know! :) Keep up.

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How come you are not working for a big studio? This is a serious question, not just compliment. I've seen people with less talent then you get good work with 50k+ pay. Is it your own choice to be a freelancer, do you charge a lot, or because of where you live?

mercedes was done by both of us. i did most of the modeling, unwrapping and texturing, but warby finally added the last pieces to the texture and tuned it a little. so it is both of us.

btw. warby, aren't you working at christian von duisburg's office?

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@[hp] i know and i agree unfortunately i cant code html or php to save my life so i am completely reliant on the help of an old school friend who has maintained my website since forever but he unfortunately never finishes something beyond the 75% mark (i love you anyway riviera ^^). but since (hopefully) alot more people will look at my portfolio now i am gonna make sure the navigation becomes a hell of a lot more intuitive !

@3dnj .... polyvalent .... officially my new favorite word :D

@Gloglebag: in big studios you are just a small goc in the big machine and i hate the feeling of not having control over the direction a project is heading ... i am just too much of an auteur! also "I" want to make something successful ! joining a team that is already successful kind of misses the point for me ... and with certain high-profile titles/companies like lets say naughty dog or the god of war team its like this: a couple of years ago i would have said id cut a foot off in order to work there but really i don't want to get disillusioned i don't want to see those games in a broken or work in progress state i just want to experience them in their final glory ... you know GET THE REAL EXPERIENCE id rather play them than work on them ^^.

add to this the fact that i really don't want to get paid in anything but euros right now and can only speak german and english ! so anything none english/german speaking European is not an option already.

and i really want to life in hamburg i am nostalgically in love with this city.

but there is no solid work here it seams so i am gonna freelance and work on starting my own company !

@Seldoon182: hessi did the lions share

@VoodooBenshee: so far i have quit every job i have ever had.

@hessi: yes i am or i was till yesterday when id sounded like there is no more money to pay the employees with

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