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GoW MP map - Bridge Assault


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I've made this post on another forum or two and so I thought I'd bring it over here. I'll include all of the screenshots from the previous versions so as to give you an idea of the progression as well.

So here's a GoW pc MP level that I've started since my SP level that I've been working on, I'm at a mind-block at the moment. It's interesting to be doing a MP map as I haven't done one in years. So far there's roughly 3 or so hours of work put into the map, just getting the look and feel down. I already know how I want the level to be flowing as well. Mostly this is just for motivation to finish it up and get it inside my portfolio.

Without further adieu, the shots:






I drew up a quick diagram of the general look of the map (cover and whatnot not included) to give you a better idea of what I was going with. It'll be an 8 player team death match map. Since it's still very very much a work in progress (and only 1 side is starting to come along as well) an overhead view wouldn't do much good at the moment. Here's the image:


So as you can see there's 2 sides that spawn on opposite, almost corners of the map. A and B being the spawn points. G = Grenades. There's a path underneath the bridges, with the middle part being raised. Since it's the high point of the map, with the most valuable weapon there (I haven't decided which one, but it'll either be a Rocket Launcher or Torque Bow) I'm not giving that area any cover so as to make it a big risk/reward situation. Everyone can see that part and that area throughout the entire map, so they have to decide whether or not it's worth it to risk not having any cover to get the power weapon. The two lower bridges to either side of it will have waist-high walls as cover points with sniper rifles on each bridge.

I'll be updating this with pictures as the level comes along.

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I've done some updates to the map over the weekend. I've started fleshing out more of the buildings and I'll begin starting to put in some of the cover and props in within the next few days. Here's the shots as well as an overview shot as it stands now. I'll be replacing buildings so as to vary up the look of the level (I don't want the map to be just 2 duplicated sides as far as looks are concerned).







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I changed the lighting and setting around a bit due to someone's suggestions on another forum. Here are the latest updates that I've had time to work on this morning.






I've changed it to a rainy night-time level instead of a dusk/clear level. I've also started adding in a few cars and whatnot to add some cover into the road-ways as well. I've only just started this part as the majority of the work today was just on the rain/lighting.

Let me know what you think,


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So, what kind of critics are you looking for this?

Design wise, i think you know It's very very basic, but I supose that was the intention right? Like one of those aim maps on CS, just for practice? If so, It's ok, other wise you really need some more interesting design.

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