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Battlefield Bad Company 2

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Again, I just love how amped up DICE are at the moment, totally gunning for IW's neck. Some good competition. I salute that, even if they have no chance of toppling the giant ;)

Still beats getting fired before you get your royalties after delivering one of the biggest hits in gaming history.

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I bet they'll even announce free DLC soon :v:v

http://blogs.battlefield.ea.com/battlef ... aying.aspx

I'm confused... the map packs are free... but you need to be a VIP to get them... which requires two older Battlefield games' serial numbers... :???:

That is Veteran status your thinking off. hehe

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Ah. My mistake

Also, me and a few of the Black Mesa Source fellows are renting a server for BC2. It's a Rush Hardcore 32 player server.

Whore Island - HARDCORE

Since there's no way to join via IP, you can either search for it in the server browser (searching for "Whore Island" should find it), otherwise you can add me as a friend (Section_Ei8ht) and join via the friends list. It's a little barren right now because today is the first day we've had the server :D

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I've not been able to play this pretty much since a few days after the release because I've got no connection in my new flat yet. I was wondering what the consensus is on the superior game mode: Rush or Conquest?

I really enjoyed my day or so of Conquest, but it looks like some of the final Rush maps are pretty nicely sized. I really like the way you can be tactical in Conquest though, holding one area down while enemies are distracted elsewhere and shit.

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Only from steam.

Also I still can't believe this game doesn't have an exit option after a finished game, how utterly stupid. I mean they programmed it on purpose this way, you can see it appearing just as it go's from "loading" to "join". Why would you not let people exit the game after a match finishes. I don't think I've quit the game ever trough normal options, also why doesn't ctr-shift-esc work or alt-F4.

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We have just distributed a new server version named R7 to the server hosts.

Early signs from the hosts are good with 20% less load on the server CPU, improved hit detection, Veteran rank handling is fixed so you should get your M1 Garand back now plus some other fixes to better help the server hosting companies and better management of Punkbuster ID's.


About fucking time.

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