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Battlefield Bad Company 2

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I'm pretty sure I'm getting fucked out of rank points. According to DICE, I have unlocked the Red Dot for Assault Kits which costs 13,900 Assault Points, yet I'm only a level 4 where level 5 requires 3,700 Global Points. Global Points: overall cumulative score, adding your combat and award scores. Combat Score: cumulative score, adding all kit and vehicle scores...

Unless I'm reading this wrong, I should be at least a level 9 by now, unless kit unlocks happen in game and rank increase is only calculated at the end of every round, since my game likes to crash to desktop before every other round is completed.

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Is there some way to view other player's ping? On the scoreboard there's a column title completely obscured by the K/D ratio string ("MP_KILLS_AND_DEATHS"). What the hell is it? I ask because the bullet registry is fucking awful now compared to how it was a few days ago. It's as bad as it was in the beta before they patched it.

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Yeah, there doesn't seem to be any attempt at balancing the teams. It's more annoying when - despite changing the map several times - the teams will always remain the same. This allows one team to consistently rape the other team across multiple maps. (Until player's start dropping out, of course) :(

Anyway I played some SP earlier and was slightly annoyed that the FOV was stuck at default. Why?! I have it at 90 in MP so it should apply to SP as well! :roll:

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