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Battlefield Bad Company 2

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Nom nom nom nom. Runs a whole lot better than the beta did. Looks great!

The EA Online network is being wonky, as I feel it's like a 50-50 chance I can select the M1 Garand when I join a server, which is available to anyone with 1 or higher Veteran rank. But then no launch have ever been smooth!

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The game is great fun, especially with friends in your squad.

My favorite map of all is Atacama Desert for both Rush and Conquest. It seems to be the largest level in the game and includes 2 tanks, armored vehicle and copter on both teams. White Pass is also very large.'

What I miss about BC1 Conquest Mode. The sprawling open levels such as the huge farmland or the Golf course. I hope to see these maps come in free dlc.

Now thats out of the way here are my rants about BC2:

- The maps for conquest are even smaller then those in BC1, :( but some are very well made and a lot of fun.

- At the start of Valparaso if Defending in Rush Mode, you are completely shoved into small corners where it feels like all you can do is camp. Rest of the map felt better tbh.

- US army vehicles = AWESOME< fast and handle with agility, but the Russian Vehicles = Slower and less agility. The Russian copter has to be the worst; very hard to steer compared to the US. This completely unbalanced the vehicles in the game. :(

- No radios / No way to tell another squad for support ( not that I know of)

- Hey, all great games have them but one that really steamed my rollers last night was a rollback of my perks. I spent an hour and some in a conquest game when the next map loaded up and I notcied everything I unlocked in the previous game had rolled back somehow.

- pockets of a level that make the world vanish, heh.

- No Interface feedback at times of who won or lost the game.

- Cannot use weapons for so many seconds when re-spawning (maybe an added feature not in the demo, I donno)

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