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WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

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After working on a bunch of FY and AIM maps, I finally decided to start working on a hostage rescue map. Here are some screenshots, I guess:



The more important thing I want to share, though, is this layout:


This map is another attempt at balancing the hostage rescue mode to give CTs a better chance at winning. First, you'll see that the two hostages are placed far apart, similar to how bombsites are located on defuse map. Also, because T weapons are stronger than CT weapons, I gave CTs more attacking routes into each hostage chamber than Ts.

The biggest change I made, though, was that I made the map dynamic. The area highlighted in blue are inaccessible at the start of each round and are blocked off by three doors (marked red in the layout). When a hostage is picked up, the two doors nearest the hostage chambers will immediately open, while the door at T spawn will open 10 seconds later (to discourage Ts from camping at T spawn). After a CT picks up a hostage, the round becomes a race to the rescue zones at the back at the map, with the CTs having major advantage (similar to how Ts have a major advantage once a bomb is planted in defuse mode). However, because the CT carrying the hostage moves really slowly (200 units/s), the Ts still have a chance to intercept the CTs near the rescue zone. But the Ts will have to decide quickly where to go, because there are three rescue zones the CTs can choose from.

I got this dynamic hostage rescue map idea from @El_Exodus, who proposed something like this back in 2016. And this why I named this map... Exodium.

You can take an look at what I've made so far here:



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10 minutes ago, blackdog said:

Shiny new stuff @Radu, or I missed you were working on a map set in Italy? (I assume because the police sign)

I need to make sure to sprinkle the flag of Puerto Rico for the final release wherever I can and maybe edit that sign. No, it's the old map I was working on a while ago. I've been trying to be more intentional with the architecture and make it resemble the actual city of San Juan. And also make it nicer too look at. It's still heavy wip, but I think you can get a good idea for the final thing now.


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Hello everyone!

I'm experimenting with unreal engine again.
This time, I created a scene using the megascans assets. In fact, I managed to crookedly connect the UE with the Bridge, so I had to set up all the materials manually. But you don't have to worry, I managed to tie UE and Bridge 😅

I feel that I am unable to create scale (depth) in my work, and I want to asking with you, where do you get experience in improving your skills in creating an environment?






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