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WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!


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12 hours ago, Jazer said:

WIP on doing true "skyboxes". A 3D skybox scales objects to about 4000x their size. With some work, cloud textures can be real objects in the game space. It would be very interesting to set up particle emitters that mimic clouds.


But also expensive. Quite some Zombie Escape maps are doing this already, and it often takes a big dump on the FPS (though their usage is very sloppy, I don't think they optimize the particle emitters very well). Nice idea!

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I've been working on my second MG_Space_Race spinoff map over the past couple weeks. This spinoff map will be a hostage escort map, as opposed to a hostage rescue map. You can read more about what I mean by hostage escort here, but in short, it involves CTs escorting a hostage from CT spawn to rescue zones near T spawns.

This map will also have a secret area. More specifically, a secret hotel room (or is it a human zoo?). Here's a screenshot of this room below, whose design was heavily influenced by a certain Stanley Kubrick film:







In totally unrelated news, I also recently learned that you can animate VTFs, and that you can combine animated VTFs with other proxies (in this case, TextureScroll proxies). Here's a GIF showing an animated texture I made:







The G-Man animation was made by me in Source Filmmaker. The G-Man model is from Half-Life: Alyx


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Finalised v1 layout of my first CS:GO map using Hammer de_backlot, set in a Hollywood Studios style tourist attraction. My goal for this map is to have three different environments - Old timey' Mexico on B, York, England in Mid, and a Sitcom interior studio on A, that each highlight and encourage different engagement types. It's been a long, but fun road using and learning the tools as I go. I'm very excited to actually play-test this with some friends and get some feedback on how it actually plays out. 


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