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WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

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bbc_Nightclub for Brainbread 2

This map is actually based off of Dead to rights 2 nightclub/strip club level.  Basically, watched a video on youtube of some person playing that level and made it into a map in the source engine.

(WiP)Outside Area:  The player starts in a apartment building overlooking the street.


Inside:  This area is after the player defeats the first boss.  They must move through this area to proceed on.


Inside (2nd Stripper:  Continuing from the last area, this is a small area to showcase the environment a little more.


Inside (Final Room):  This area is a porn studio room, which showcases the final boss fight of the level.



There's a lot more to this level, but only showing this amount for now.  Still a WiP and needs more attention before initial release.  If you are interested in designing levels for this mod.  Visit us on our Discord!


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