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WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

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@blackdog yeah, all affected by the brush disease for now 😆 I have no experience with custom prop creation yet nor a buddy like this, so I decided to land down the complete set of ideas and their quick iterations/try-outs for aestetics first, before moving into the technical aspects of it and learning the whole prop creation process.

EDIT - Afterthought: There are roughly 8-9 different placeholders, rest is just a quick replication across the lvl that takes like 30-60mins, its for the sake of seeing the bigger picture now.

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I'm creating the blockout for what's going to be my final project. The concept is a lost pirate island from the pacific in which there's an explorer that had a crash with his airplane. Now he is stuck there and has to explore to find the hidden secret. The goal is to create a beautiful pacific beach with some rocks and secret places in one side of the island, and an abandoned pirate town in the other side, full of vegetation and trees.

Heavily inspired by Libertaria and At Sea Chapters from Uncharted 4 and AC4 Black Flag.


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I recently overhauled this building in my current project, the building is owned by a design agency and the original exterior reflected a common design I found used among design agency's in Arizona, which is where my map takes place. Over time however I found the exterior to be lacking do in part to how different it was to every other building around it, it didnt fit in with its surroundings. Where as every other building I had based off old and worn storefronts from older districts inside a city, the buildings I took inspiration from while making the agency building were almost always out away the city and were newer. For a while I wasnt sure how I could make the building fit in better given how much of its design was founded on gameplay.

Eventually while working on a small business to fill an empty space on the outside of the building, I came to the conclusion that the way to make the building fit in was to brake it down into several smaller buildings on the outside, while leaving the inside one cohesive business. I took inspiration from an accounting firm I went too, where the exterior was three separate old buildings, but had been renovated to have one continuous interior. I attempted to apply a similar look here, by breaking down a single large building into several smaller store fronts I believe I have managed to make the building flow better with the overall ascetic of the map.

A knock on affect of this change along with changing another building, has let more sunlight reach important game play areas. One drawback to this redesign was the loss of the simple white and red background the old exterior provided to areas, though it did not match the surroundings it did make player models stick out. Because of that, ive tried to retain a simple white/grey background in areas where the white wall was most beneficial.











Also a long awaited update on the stair saga that im sure youve all been clambering for




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