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WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

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On 5/1/2019 at 5:52 AM, fewseb said:

Im open to criticism and feedback, ive already looked at different ways of changing the stairs so they might flow better. However, as anybody whos ever posted their map on reddit or the steam workshop would know, there are different kinds of feedback and not all of it is helpful, this is one of those time where it was not helpful. He did not offer any potential solutions or changes, he just said it was wrong/bad and left it at that. Thats about one notch above the kind of feedback you get on the workshop telling an area of a map is shit and you should just delete all of it. 

I also find it humorous that so much time was delegated to an area of my map that is ruffly equivalent to this part of dust2.


Its like saying that areas too messy and it distracts the player, sure it might, but its not that important.

I originally made the stair post because I thought it was a could example of how far an area could go with a single mapping session to make it look better and more believable as well as what game-play affects its might have. I also wanted to share the process of how concrete stairs were made because it was tough to find and Ive seen several instances where mappers just had to guess how. It was a fun fact, that whole post was just supposed to be a minor fun fact about stairs and what I did to improve an area visually.

I also find it funny how his whole point in doing this was to teach me some kind of lesson or put me in my place because of my posts in the Overwatch thread, the first one I made there was pretty mean spirited because I hadnt thought about the fact that people who actually worked on Havana were the ones who posted it, and I was genuinely sorry to have offended those peoples map that they had poured hours into against a tight deadline.

Every other post I made on that thread however was me questioning why they did certain things and why they didnt do others, we disagreed in the end but I accepted they had to work under constraints that most CSGO mappers dont have to deal with.

Meanwhile Mr. Carpenter replied with a simple STFU, called me an amateur and then half-agreed with me but said I was being mean, which was true.

The funny part is while I was rude at first, I contributed what I thought could be different and gave suggestions, they responded and that was the end, he never suggested anything other then to look into detail density, which at a cursory glance on google doesnt bring up much, had nothing to say when I responded then acted like he had just owned me.

So now im going to say, 1. Im sorry for being rude on one post in the Overwatch thread, I didnt think about who would read it and how they would be affected by it. and 2. Im sorry I posted a fun fact about stairs, clearly I didnt know what I was getting my self into when it came to stairs.

Id like it if my next post could be an actual WIP pictures for my map instead having to argue about the proper balance of rebar and stair in a public walkway.



Two nice articles speaking about player guidance, one is explaining how to work by opposition, declutter instead of adding more, one is explaining a technique about how to emphasize key elements, with lighting, but it could be props/textures/overlays etc.

Source is great for level designers who are starting out, because of its rendering limitations, it's important to alocate the limited amout of elements you have to the right area of your map. In those new engines, it's easy to lose focus and overcomplexify your design, which is going to bring troubles when the players aren't doing what they're meant to.

It's important to understand that adding more details in a map doesn't necessarily means that it's adding any significant value, when you're playing an entertaining game, how many times do you take the time to look at the stair design in a building ? The key is to put the work on the most important part of your map, and simplfiy the rest as much as you can. If the stair is the most important element, then overdetail it, but in your case it is not. The emphasize should be put on where the ennemies are going to come from.

Now it depends of the game, but if you're working on a Valve game, those are the rule for efficient LD.

I'm not going to say what you've got to do, you're the level designer, it's your job not mine, i'm only pointing out a flaw in your design, and that's the only feedback you need as a LD, don't listen to the feedback, listen to the complains instead, i'd rather listen to someone telling me it's shit, than hearing someone who never opened hammer explaining me how to make my map. (Listen to me though).


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I asked in Discord and someone else mentioned the circled area seems obsolete. I'm going to figure out how to properly incorporate that room. The bottom path has some problems that I'll need to address that could make the pink path more useful as a rotation.

Question though: The pink square corridor is an open atrium with a sight line through the middle. Knowing this, do you still think it's too convoluted? The players have pretty clear vision through the area, but have to make lots of different turns. Should I worry about that?

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So if you haven't noticed yet, the glass on these lamp posts is now transparent and the insides are visible now.

Perhaps it's not the best photo, but I really can't be bothered to go in-game and get a better one until I've had my morning coffee 😪


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