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WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!


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My English skills are probably too bad to find the right words, but that "proclamation" on your screenshot is not just grammatically wrong.

Well, back then the Germans had some pretty impressive epochal architecture and you may use these historic buildings as an inspiration for your map. But it has to be always 100% clear, that it's the past and that the Nazis were the bad guys. We do not want another "Deutsches Reich". Because there is nothing good about that era. The Nazis started a completely senseless war and murdered millions of people just for being different and people who didn't want them to murder these people. Or people who just didn't want to raise their right arm like that one guy on this picture:


After all I just want to say that you should be careful with that Nazi stuff.

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On 2/19/2019 at 4:15 AM, I ♡ The 1950's said:

Slightly edited a sign from Overpass to appear on this billboard!

It reads "We build our New German Reich!"

"We build our New German Reich" would be "Wir bauen unser Neues Deutsches Reich". Switching the first two words like you did here makes it an imperative. It also needs to be "unser" not "unsere", since the grammatical gender of "Reich" is neuter.

Edit: whoops, just read the latter was already pointed out :D
Still, you might want to find a native speaker to help you out if you plan on adding more written german to your map. Wouldnt want to say the wrong things with a theme like yours.

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Just now, csWaldo said:

"We build our New German Reich" would be "Wir bauen unser Neues Deutsches Reich". Switching the first two words like you did here makes it an imperative. It also needs to be "unser" not "unsere", since the grammatical gender of "Reich" is neuter.

Thank you very much for the grammar help. But since the sign no longer exists in the map, it's fine :)

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This is my first attemp at a map!

Name is de_abandoned and the theme will be in a...you guessed it...abandoned factory..! I had this idea to make the T spawn next to the CT spawn and kind of isolate CT spawn from playing a significant role in the gameplay. The way the map turned out though I think CT spawn became even more strategical than before. The rotations for the Terrorists are kind of huge but you have a lot of options of how to attack a site and how to defend. The CT's have to keep an eye at all sites and the mid because the Ts can backstab both sites if they penetrate Mid and go through CT spawn to A, or through CT spawn to the backside of B.

All in alll I'm pretty happy with the layout but if I think of anything that will help it  I will add it to it.

Haven't play-tested it with humans yet, only with bots but it seems pretty balanced.

I let the bots run around the map 5 v 5 and the score after two hours was something like 40-37


This is the view of mid from CT side. I'm not crazy about these beams they will probably get replaced with something else.




This is bombsite A. The ramp towards the lower level is leading to the CT spawn. The actual bombzone is above the two arches, around the two boxes.



This is towards B. Looking down the window you can see the big area outside B.



This is outside A. On the left after the wall is the outer side of the 3 windows wall.OutsideA.jpg.c56467d1624351abcbd8c5e3665a19f0.jpg


This is outside B ( behind the wall on the right is the next picture)OutsideB.jpg.99472c3c2aa970521907bdf132f75827.jpg


Towards BOutsideBB.jpg.ef1ddf88ed05761be2846c5db0e2ae8b.jpg


Outside A Window side.OutsideBBB.jpg.51a2a307ae3b0c5cccf3e626733ac700.jpg


This passage connects mid house with outside B



This is the view of B from the attacking side




This is close to T spawn





This is behind Mid (If you move forward past the walls you end up in B)backsideofMid.jpg.9e0980c4e5ac4b90b6a91a42816fd309.jpg



Thank you for your time.





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22 hours ago, I ♡ The 1950's said:

Really nice work @Dimitris Politis! It looks like it could be really fun! Though I think those beams really should go.

Hi yes I agree, these were put there in the beginning stages of the layout designing and they stayed there for some reason.

Do you have any ideas of what it could be there? :)


This is a pic of the future to be T Spawn. There''s A LOT of work to be done but I''m getting used to Hammer and I'm getting faster and faster when doing things in it.

Maybe the texture will change but looks pretty sweet to me.


Also, the ground will be displaced to resemble a bumpy, foresty ground. Of course I will add props to it but in a later stage.



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16 hours ago, Dimitris Politis said:

Do you have any ideas of what it could be there? :)

I'm glad you asked!

Perhaps it could be replaced with an elevated platform with some cover. That's what I first thought of when I saw it.

And here's a little side note: Perhaps a different name would be better for the map. There are probably hundreds of maps on the workshop with the name "Abandoned" already. Perhaps Corrosion (de_corrosion) would be better? (Corrosion is a fancy term for rust)

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