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WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

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29 minutes ago, blackdog said:

Loving all these scenes @Brightness, are they only just scenes or is it like a vertical slice for a project? 🤞🏼 Can easily see this being an adventure title, even third person… I guess it’s the vintage look, makes me think of Alan awake a lot

The scenes were primarily just portfolio pieces, but now that I've made multiple ones with the same vintage feel, I might do something with them.

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Well I felt like taking a break from my map (Retail) to work on a little side project, so this is what I put together last night. The CT-Spawn for my next map: Reich (It's a German word, pronounced as "Like" but replace the L with an R). Set during the hypothetical 4'th German Reich. For this I only used custom (And shiny) textures on the brushes. And the flag is my own little artistic rendition of what the 4'th Reich flag may look like (The colors of the flag are from the shortly used Post-War German flag).



And this is the 4'th Reich German flag design.



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Well they're certainly not supposed to be a finished product. Most things I do usually begin with a small section block out that I get carried away detailing to get a better feel of what a more finished area of the map would look like, then I drop the project and move on

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21 hours ago, Serialmapper said:

i'm working on a awp map, with my favorite combination: sea, sunset, flowers, rocks 😋

(no freaking crates !)

Looks great!

For am AWP map it doesn’t seem to offer a very quick line of sight, which is kinda the staple for these? I kinda feel it needs a man-made structure like a hut or something.

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