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WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!


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4 hours ago, WhatGrenadeWhere said:

Nice work @Roald out of curiosity, how long has this taken so far? I map as a leisurely hobby and have been working on 1 map for over a year now, and still working on the basic greybox. Looks nice. I'll check it out when it's released for sure.

Well I have been cheating. This also is a greybox but for the outsite parts of the map I instantly applied textures and some details. I hope I won't regred this 😁 I have only spend less then 20 hours on it I think and the layout is about 50% done. Right now going to finish the other half of the layout (in greybox mostly). I have been this fast because of serveral things:

1. The medieval theme motivates me alot, I love it.

2. I find outsite enviorment easier to give shape then interiors

3. I have done enough preparation (references, layout sketching)

4. I have asked another guy to use his enviorment settings in my map and tweek it

Please understand that this isn't the right way to create a competetive map haha. I haven't done any playtesting (except my own tests) yet which is bad. For an example my map Avalanche is still mostly greybox since the contest started and had soooo many playtests which took me alot of tweaking and alot of time.

I have created a topic at the contest section to explain my preparation. Maybe that gives you some insight? I have been thinking of making this a second entry for the contest besides Avalanche and now I feel I got more reason to do so 😉 




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On 29/10/2017 at 8:31 PM, 'RZL said:

Dude, this deserves a thread of its own, cool stuff!

I might make my own thread with all my maps once I finish the contest.

14 hours ago, blackdog said:

Looks good @Klems! Curious to check it out.

You participated in many other –villes?

Thanks. So far I've participated in only 3 villes, counting this one. There's another contest coming up, which will last 1 week longer.

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