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WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

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1 hour ago, will2k said:

While I already have my references photos ready, I wouldn't mine some extra ones especially if they are for nice authentic stone houses or old storefronts or the castle :)

Focus first on the elections and if you manage to take some pics in your free time, I would be happy to use them :-D.

Well the choice isn't that hard, candidates aren't all fabulous :P

I'll try to find some! References as in normal pictures to inspire brushwork, or something more texture ready? 

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7 minutes ago, [N]awbie said:


Hey Nawbie

Just a few things I noticed. The bombsite seems abit small, but I don't know how it feels ingame? The map could use some more lighting, maybe if you place them higher at the ceiling it will provide more light? The shutter infront of the stairs seems a litle misplaced. I would defenitly stumble over it while walking down the stairs xD Anyway just some minor stuff. Overall the brushwork looks interresting 

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2 hours ago, will2k said:

Thanks guys :)

I'll definitely make the windmill's double-sided sails longer in the next iteration

Well those sails are designed to catch the sleightest wind so I dont think there is a problem with them. Just when you make the building taller and the propellor higher, the sails would logicly have more chance to catch the wind. I think u can easyly find info about it on the internet. But yea for proporsion it could be needed you also increase the sails 

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