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WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

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On 12/11/2016 at 7:20 AM, will2k said:

Haven't seen you around here for quite a while :)

The Doom stuff looks really nice

I have another doom Video coming out tomorrow where I have a pretty good idea of the full flow of the entire level. In the mean time I have been busy with this beast.

Its a functional variation of Control Point Showdown game mode for UT4. It changes how the mode is played in a lot of ways!

I released the pak file on my Steemit page! Please upvote me if you like to see content like this! Getting upvotes on Steemit actually earns me crypto currency.

Link to steemit with the download:

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9 hours ago, Thewhaleman said:

Graffiti getting closer to final product........



Looks good, maybe a bit too clean! I would suggest to add color-drips and color-fadeings (and maybe some half-footprints) to the floors (just next to the painted walls).

Like in this picture:

Theres always a good amount of color dripping/spraying down to the floor ;)




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I agree on the 'too clean' thing. 

About your example Baboon I think it's way too chaotic. I wouldn't do that for gameplay and visual reasons. Tho I love the graffiti that gets alive by the enviorment. I can't give a example right now. Also something 3D would be amazing, tho idk how that will work out :D

What u could do is maybe add a few small tags aboth/on the current graffiti

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