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WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

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Figured I would talk about the reason behind parts of the design in my works in progress.

So, onto that for a little TF2 project. (The map is for payload)



First up I felt that the worst thing that could happen at the start is if the attackers were not able to effectively fight the enemy's setup, likely of sentries and snipers as a primary annoyance. So currently to help combat this I have implemented a risk/reward jump in the map that, if done properly, will allow a player to cross the gap and land directly onto the enemy side of the map, allowing them to flank their positions, in this case the attackers can start their jump on a elevated platform and make their way down to a lower platform across the gap, this jump is possible for Soldiers, demomen, and scout, which are the three classes that would greatly benefit from this sort of flanking attack (except for pyro, but they have other options)

In addition to this, I did not want this path to be useless for everyone else, so I implemented a battlement there for attacking players to fight from, or use as a shortcut when the cart is pushed far enough.



Defenders are still well equipped for the attack, they have a protected opening in this building that faces directly above the cart's path which connects to a small interior inside, holding health and ammo to resupply engineers with. This spot however would not be the most practical for a engineer setup due to the wall facing the attacker battlement, a sentry simply will not be able to detect any attackers if they are positioned at the correct angle, so I will likely open up that wall to allow sentries to get access to that battlement.

Positioning of this opening however has been intentional to limit the effectiveness of snipers on this section, thanks to the buildings around this opening, the snipers will not be able to get a view of the turning further down the cart's path (which is where the attackers spawn), this helps to keep snipers utilising other positions that are more dangerous if they wish to attack the enemy spawn, an example shown in the next image.



Defenders have a longer path to the action but is further out of the way and also grants defenders a view of the corner connecting to the enemy spawn. This is where snipers would want to be positioned at during the start of a round before relocating to the building opening at a later point.they are however, taking a larger risk in this area, they can be shot from all three directions, which are from the cart track, the attacker battlement and the path they came from, thanks to the flanking jump that mobile classes can take. This position will likely see cover added to the more open regions, although be shorter in height due to the platform being elevated above the cart track.



Once the attackers push past the first area, they are going to be facing a much more open area to work with, which is risky for both sides, the defenders however, do have the elevated platform to the right as well as the section under it, although the flanking jump is still open to the attacking team, who now have many options on how to attack this area. It currently does seem that this area will be too easy to push through on attack, so a building may be added to help close up this section and provide more cover.

One of the other parts however, is the lower platform on the cliff edge, a jumping class can jump up from here and fire on the enemy on defence or attack as it is accessible by falling and by taking the stairs down in the building to the left of the image. a Health pack and ammo kit may be added to the very edge to convince players to drop down frequently to restock, which can remove specific classes from combat for a period of time and also will be wonderful for pyros that can take advantage of the airblast by pushing them to their deaths.



Next is a more tighter and limited section to push the cart through, the cart needs to pass through a top open pipe into the building on the other side of the pit (not built yet).

When putting this together, I originally wanted it to be a closed, smaller pipe but I immediately found problems in thinking it over. The first problem was quite simple, it destroyed any and all mobile class, soldiers can't jump, scouts can move about, and the heavy, demo and pyro can dominate a choke like that too easily. The second issue was that cart blocking was a issue I realised would occur in practice if the pipe was too small, players struggling to get around the pipe while a enemy is on the other side, blocking the cart without much the attackers can do, essentially grinding the flow of gameplay to a halt.

So what I did as soon as I began making this was to ensure the pipe was large to fit combat inside of and to open the top of the pipe to ensure movement is still possible for the classes. Attackers are still at a challenge however as this is a chokepoint, and the defenders have the upper ground while attackers will only get the cart for cover. However they still have sections around the exterior that they can use to help deal with sentry nests and pesky defenders.

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2 minutes ago, Lyrtzz said:


Sharing a screenshot from the UnrealTournament map i'm finishing up. Gonna make a larger post when everything is said and done :)

Always love a bit of UT, can you share any more images?

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