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WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

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4 hours ago, OrnateBaboon said:

Been working on a CSGO map. Trying to establish the theme. One of the things I was wondering about is whether the location (it is well-known) and maybe the most obvious map name can be determined from these images. Hopefully it is possible, since that will mean I am on the right track!

I'd say de_colorado

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On 7/11/2016 at 4:58 AM, Sjonsson said:

Here's some WIP of the entry I wasn't able to finish in time. Still going to finish it though! :)

Currently doing art and lighting rework. Still haven't used any decals or vertex painting which will be the final pass. Gonna get a lot more vegetation in there and lastly some fitting post-process effects.



Some more WIP shots.





Very cool man, great work! Are you using baked or dynamic lighting? If you are using baked make sure to crank up the GI as it will help soothing the shadows, they are really harsh right now. 

I assume you are going for this kind of lighting? Sorry couldn't find a good ref quickly. If so make sure to brighten up your sky and shadows to match the sun intensity.


Some fog would also go a long way to make the scene read better and help the game area separate from the background :)

Really cool work, looking forward to seeing more!

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Wow, this looks insane. I really like the theme, especially with the way you incorporate snow and desert themes into a modern setting. I'd have to playtest it to give proper feedback, though

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