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WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

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WIP for my Portal 2 mod.

A small thing a made for tf2.

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Fallout 4 nexus has been a godsend for keeping me motivated with positive feedback

Been working a lot more on Scum of the Commonwealth for Fallout 4, got 12 levels total now, taken me a long time to get them done, mainly because I'm wrapping up this year's work, but here are some screenshots. (they're large images)

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14 hours ago, nikkoship said:

@Bastion How difficult is that tool to learn/use compared to something like hammer?

Once you get to grips with the different camera controls and some tools, it is not too bad.


  • Can see the real navmesh in editor
  • can see lighting, fog and skybox rendered pretty well in editor
  • quite easy to get new content added into the editor for unique levels
  • no compile process for playtesting
  • Building environments is quite easy thanks to how rooms are built, take assets of walls with floors and ceilings, and for finer tweeking, you can use free-walls and free-floors to make more unique layouts, its what I tend to use for my locations.


  • Relies solely on pre-built models for everything instead of brushes, so unique buildings or items need to be custom build in 3d modelling software
  • can be a massive resource hog if working in the wasteland/wilderness cells
  • Scripting is  not very well organised, and creating effective scripting can be a bitch.
  • Initial loading time is arse, you're loading every asset and location so it can be quickly accessed later. (may be my pc being shit)
  • prone to freezing when adding items or using the wasteland/wilderness (may be my pc being shit)

That being said, I still got a lot to learn personally.

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