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WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

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Experimental gamemode, King of the Point. Red starts out with the point and a 5 minute timer, and Blu has to capture and hold for 1 minute. Setup time and all that so that Red can setup a forward defense. Haven't started Red's side yet. Aimed at competitive 6v6 / 9v9



Single-staged capture point level for pubs / 9v9. (The rain doesn't looks as terrible in motion, trust me.)







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My mental health has been improving, and with that comes some progress to de_decay.

Feedback would be appreciated, but I'm feeling pretty happy with the results so far.



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Been working out a style for my contest entry;633aaa734b.jpg

These are the base Outpost assets, but I've added an extra couple of nodes to the master material to allow vertex painting for extra scratches and ware, along with specifically rust vs base metal. It's fairly subtle but makes it look just that little bit different.

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On 4/28/2016 at 9:52 AM, El_Exodus said:

Why don't you combine the gothic and underground attempt? Could work great together :) A whole underground map without any open areas(think about smokes and flashes) might be too restricting.

Great greyboxing skills btw!

Thanks for the encouragement. I might do that. In response to the critique I raised the ceiling and tweaked the environment light to give it a more open feel. This particular bombsite is just about roughed out so I might switch to the other one soon.





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