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WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

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Im working on a map where I am having a concrete stair next to a building and I want the stair to be covered by a roof sticking out from the building. However I cant find the term for this and thus cant find any good reference pictures. It's like an concrete/metal awning.

Something like this but more industrial looking. Preferably east german/soviet looking :) Anyone having a clue what I'm talking about? 


Hammer - [D__Program Files (x86)_SteamLibrary_steamapps_common_Counter-Strike Global Offensive_sdk_content_maps_nm1275.vmf - Textured] 19.01.2016 20_50_03.png

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Hi everyone this is my first entry on mapcore community.
I started to make maps 2 months ago and this is my first try. :D
I am a huge fan of max payne series so ı decided to put max payne's iconic chapters into hammer.
Started with The million dollar question chapter.
This is very small map  but the map ı am currently workin on would be much more bigger.





As an owner of a Max Payne fan site for 15 years I approve :D I see familiarity, even if you can add a lot more detail, though the scarcety of detail makes it remind even more of Max Payne 1 :)

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hehe you guys make me smile everytime I post something here ;) 
So yeah it is kind of emberassing how long it has been since I started this.

Way back the source engine could not handle all the brushwork and i did not know anything about modeling yet so I shelved it.
picked it back up a couple of times throughout the years, eventually converted all of the bsp brushwork to models and put it in unity, which was cool but no fun without a game around it.
Now I'm finally finishing this for ut4, still fixing up some bugs that crept in over the years but it will be ready for testing soon :)

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