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WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

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I always wondered why nobody ever made an online soccer game where each player controls a single player in the field... it would be pretty chaotic and fun in the beginning, until people start taking it seriously, forming teams and turning it into an e-sport  :cool:


one of the most popular sc2 custom modes is football, each character has a unique ability :D


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I've been working on this custom capture point map for counter strike. Possibly one of the first if not the first (that isn't orange/grey)


It's getting very close to release and I will probably have to organise a playtest.


I'd love to make a thread for it but I have no clue how to, I think I need more posts or something.








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Here is the first of a series of videos for my GZDoom 2 level. I will be putting out a new Castle Does episode every day now. I have been working a lot on getting a system in place for me to be able have new episodes come out much more often.



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Some more progress on De_Oasis from CT spawn.

(See my previous post)


P.s - I'm full compling the map every time i wan't to take the screenshot, so i hope you guys appreciate!



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