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WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

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Yeah, palms is the main worry with snow, but they are easy to use, and don't look noisy, so are hard to replace. Part of the problem with the snow one. Gah!

I think the mediterranean setting in snow makes it stand out and I think it works well! A sudden snowfall or cold front in the south of Italy or similar. I say keep it, you'd need some snow to be laying on top of the palm trees and bushes to get them looking more natural is all. Venice or some place like Dubrovnik in the winter could be a good reference:



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Cool shots Douglas, I especially like the golden light from the skylights and the little rivets on the floor. I'd say the spotlights could be toned down just a little though.


Thanks for the feedback! I'm still playing with the lighting. I'm not at that sweet spot. I was speaking to someone else as well, they gave me lots of pointers on making that area look less bland. I got a busy night of fixes!

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Having some trouble deciding what direction to take the map visually. Post process/fog is too strong in both cases though. Anyone got any strong preferences about what looks best? Snow theme is further along regarding work done to it, but should the sunny version be better, it is easy enough to change back.


Also not sure how snowy it will have to be to get right. For example, will the grass and trees need snow on them to sell the theme? Also, some areas might look a little odd, since it is quite rare to see snow and palm trees in the same place.



I think the snow version is a neat idea. Have you considered mixing both wheather settings? I mean: the snow version (without snow falling down though) with the sunny bright lighting. It would still require some tweaking off course, but perhaps worth a try :)

You should then probably change the 3D skybox to make it look like the village/town is located somewhere in the mountains, to make the snow look more believable (which it is currently lacking a bit). de_cbble has some nice mountain models that could come in handy for this. Palm trees and tropical plants would have to go and foliage in general would greatly benefit from a "snowy" or "frozen" look. Trees could be replaced by trees without leafs or pine trees.


Overall, looks like a solid map! Been waiting to try this one out, so I'll definately gonna run around in it sometime soon :)


Here are some examples about the snowy sunny setting ;)







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@ornatebaboon: although snow can happen in locations were palms live, your environment doesn't suits the use of such tree-asset IMO; if it was more clearly a coastal place it would be less uncanny.

As others said, you can use other kind of trees… if not available in CSGO, there are plenty in DODS that I think you could import, at least to test the visuals while shopping around for what looks best for you.

Like very much the geometry.

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