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WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

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This is an adaptation of medal of honor solo campaign for Day of Defeat Source.

First beta very soon!












Maybe test it with someone of you!  :v


Sub-pen wins this thread.

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Eesh I've been slacking. Thought I'd post some pics for my map de_fracture to make me more accountable. Map is designed to encourage newer players to learn mechanics like long jump, bhop, surfing, and boosting! Not so much catered for competitive play but I made the decision to prioritize fun.  :D


EDIT: Feel free to post some suggestions/advice since I haven't really tested the map for balance yet.



MID: ThUnAFM.jpg

A site: 6KxN4jA.jpg

B site (from above):


B site (from below):


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Some interesting ideas for the theme.  I really like the displacement work/detail used in the second image with the broken in concrete.  The first image could use some more variety of the props, plus the tile floor seems a little out of place for the concrete road.  Just me I guess, but a nice sneak peak there sir.  Looking forward to even more progress on the map.

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Yeah, the new banner reminds me I need to change the livery/branding textures....I think an MP-EOT registration tag is necessary :)

Both have been hostage-based. I can illustrate many of the problems of the other map with a few images: 



This is an overview with the routes drawn in (there are probably a few I forgot, because there's too many at the moment). The arrowheads denote that the routes go up into the second floor of the terminal; there are also routes underneath the middle part of the terminal that link into the ground-level paths, the most prominent one being the route drawn in basically the exact middle of the image. You can already see that there is a very circular/roundabout pattern here and this often led to one of two outcomes: either everyone met at one of the chokepoints, or everyone ran to the right at the start and ended up going in an anti-clockwise circle for the duration of the match until they killed each other by chance, or until the CTs grabbed one of the hostages - when they did they generally were able to escape undetected by the left or right 'long' routes around the ground level while the T's were wandering around upstairs or hanging out in the shorter routes waiting for someone to come their way. 

I don't think these issues are anything some refinement to the routes couldn't fix. The lower-left and upper-right 'quadrants' of the ramp area could easily be blocked off and this might improve a lot of these problems, particularly these long sight lines on the 'long' routes: 



One of the other really big issues is partially related to the abundance of routes but also the design of the terminal itself. Most airport buildings are very airy and have lots of windows, which makes it really overwhelming to anyone manoeuvring along the ground level and makes these areas very risky. See below: 



There's just so many areas to watch for enemy players. My solution was to block some of them off with stacks of cover so people can't hang out in front of every window and watch the lower level. It stops players in the terminal from doing so, but it doesn't help players on the ground level to read which windows are a threat and which aren't. 

These issues aside, it also was feeling a bit plain graphically after fleshing it out a bit. The terminal design was really boring IMO and tweaking the skylight so that it didn't cause shadowing artifacts on the plane but also had an interesting angle inside the terminal was getting really annoying (changing pitch/angles by 1-2 degrees and recompiling gets tiring, fast :P). 


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