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WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

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So i did try to apply some of your tips and this is how it came out - i thing this is much better (still i want to finish my folio till the end of this week so i need to call this done and as for the env it's almost 2years old)




thx again guys ! ;)

2 last shot's were taken in a bit of hurry so i will probably work on composition and light

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So I read page 691 and did a quick silly mock up off some ideas, then when I finished, I was like... ooo another page I missed... anyways, this was the quick 3 min thing I did. <3

I was going to suggest more of a dirt / mud setting with leaves from the trees on the ground (especially since it's fall). I also added a funny looking path to the house for SAFE travel through the mud!


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anyone know why in cs:go my map might crash with an error like: default hostage model not being present

It doesn't crash on my machine but on someone elses, I have pakratted it. Any ideas?

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