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WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

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Thank you, yeah my english isnt very well. Still need to refresh my knowledge ... sadly.

no, I mean the surfaces are difficult to identify in the image, because it's dark but there are very bright lights. Your english is fine my friend.

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Cant see much and i have a good Flatscreen. But good work as far as i can see @ Skacky :)

So i did some work on my Half-life 1 Singleplayer Mod Abyss 048 again:




This is a Underwaterhabor for Transport/Storage-Subs.

Still not done.

( Some Textures done by myself, some from CG Textures, some are from FakeFactory and some are from PhillipK! )

Models in these Pics are done by myself + dgf and the forklift is done by totac =)

Hope you like the mapwork too ;)

We still searching for more Teammembers ( Sound,Texture,Models,Animation )



Yeah I totally want to play that. I'm a sucker for HL maps and mods but I didn't even think that was HL at first.

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Still working on compound.. Wip stuff:

Like it a lot.

Supports for the catwalk (2nd shot) positioned halfway through the grates are a little weird - especially since they are "full" (unless they are placeholders). Also the brick columns (3rd shot) don't look very right to me.

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I dont mean to sound like a hater here but you could really do with some more creativity in this remake. The second shot there is basically a carbon copy of cs:s's cs_compound only with pretty csm lighting.

Thats a lot of c's

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Long time since i posted something here but thought i'd share this one :)

environment i'm working on for a game that is somewhat a mix of smash brothers and megaman (with a bit of portal sauce)


I have no idea what it's for, but it's really cool! :D

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