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WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

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Nice! Are those Natural Selection 1 textures? Or are they from HL?

Some are edited Natural Selection Textures and some are selfmade look a like PhillipK Textures, i reworked some of them to learn Texturing.

and knj, yeah maybe i will change it, its still pretty wip :)

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I have recently been going through tutorial videos in order to learn new things. The first video I did was the 3d Motive building tutorial.


For someone that had zero knowledge of modelling and texturing of any kind, I would say that this was really useful, since it gives you an idea of how to make buildings in a modelling program from scratch, plus gives some focus to what you are building. The tutorial is for 3dMax to UDK. The only downside to the video is that it does not explain how to make good normal maps.


It is totally derivative of the tutorial, but at least it got the basics down. So I then tried to move onto making different stuff, and put together a mood board like people do on polycount.


Basic BSP blockout.





Then in order to learn some kind of hand painting, I hand painted some bricks. They are not amazing, maybe the photosourced one look better, but it was a new thing learned, and the textures are using far less shaders.



This is where it is at right now. I can see a lot wrong with it, no depth of field, too blocky, and still kind of brush based even though it is all meshes. The roof stuff and girders are UDK stock assets. It is something that I will probably leave here since I learned so much doing it, and really feel that in order to do some good art stuff, I need to dive into some Z-Brush tutorials a bit more.

Another video I bought about a year ago, though I have only just began looking at it (less than 2 weeks), is HP's Crysis tutorial.


I have just been using the free SDK version of sandbox, and going through the video. It is pretty amazing how user friendly a toolset it is. There is nothing here in these screens though, that you won't find in the SDK forest level, but I do feel that I have the basics down. I have not done the lighting part of the tutorial yet, and is something I will be doing soon. The video tutorial is something I wholeheartedly recommend. Totally comprehensive so far, and it goes at the right pace. There are no missed steps either. These are in editor shots. Note, these are not my assets!





Will maybe post some updated shots if I can make a difference with the lighting/depth of field, though I might move onto Crysis 3 and see what the SDK holds, since the free SDK has far less assets.

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Hey folks!

I'm doing some studies for my game's art direction, and I'd like so receive some feedback.

Bear in mind that only the ground, the background art and the main character are visible. There will still be a few props and gameplay objects on the level.


and another version, but without clouds. It's cleaner but I dunno... I liked those clouds up there /. </uncertain>



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I know you guys aren't really interested in old engines but I've been working on this thing for two or three months now... sporadically. Crank your gamma up because shit's dark yo.




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Well.. what you did for your lighting remember me that the lighting choice they made for the latest Thief is certainly the best choice since the visual experiment evolved a lot since the first one. I think it's really too dark to judge the visual of your level without playing it =s

Anyway, since you have something really vertical, it could be really nice to create a gradient lighting from Dark blue (on the top part ) to dark (bottom part, were you're supposed to play).

Since some area are not playable, I don't see any problem to light them up =)

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Cant see much and i have a good Flatscreen. But good work as far as i can see @ Skacky :)

So i did some work on my Half-life 1 Singleplayer Mod Abyss 048 again:




This is a Underwaterhabor for Transport/Storage-Subs.

Still not done.

( Some Textures done by myself, some from CG Textures, some are from FakeFactory and some are from PhillipK! )

Models in these Pics are done by myself + dgf and the forklift is done by totac =)

Hope you like the mapwork too ;)

We still searching for more Teammembers ( Sound,Texture,Models,Animation )



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