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WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

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WIP for my Portal 2 mod.

A small thing a made for tf2.

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No references in particular Seldoon (though I have collected loads of references for the scene itself), it was just an engine test. Mainly done in World Machine, a bit of work in Photoshop, and then exported to Cryengine and tweaked. It came out cartoony-ish I guess, and I may go for that sort of style... Not entirely sure just yet. I'll see where it goes!

It's going to be all old English countrysides and little lanes/paths. These are kinda what I'm going to be making eventually:




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Unbelievable work there Philip, your creativity is mind-blowing! I realy dig how it all fits together even though there is so much contrast in the scene.

I started a little cs:source map since I got alot of spare time now. Layout is done, but I redid the whole look because I want to incoporate Phil's texturepacks into it.

Dont know if it will be do-able because of it's sci-fi look but im trying the whole "secret government research lab" cliché.

Pic shows T-spawn which is a bunker/sever system. It's the first compile and clearly the env_sprites turned out shit


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In regards to bombsite B being too cluttered, I feel as if that it is not, after extensive playtesting with my friends for a good couple days, and many revisions, it plays out pretty fine In my opinion. I would love to have it play tested on the mapcore's CS:GO server though.

I added some more angles as well.



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It seems that the B-site has 7 (!!!) entrances. which is pretty damn bad thing in my opinion, especially it being also a room with tons of crates. You should probably cut the room in two, so it has one bigger entrance and 2 smaller ones. Take a look at official maps to see how they work.

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So holiestcows, main choke point seems to be the B bombsite, estimating the travel time. I won't complain about crates, since they are just a filler easy to move around, but if I imagine the room without those, still looks a bit too busy. Btw Ts have the height advantage when they come in, so it seems the room can balance itself to a certain degree.

While you are in this alpha state try to test a couple of variants changing entrances, heights, moving covers ;)

that bombsite is way to cluttered

Bombsites also look a bit too cramped, A in particular (which, on the other hand, feels the more "CS" to me).

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