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WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

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i blocked out the map and did the scene in the first shot on the l4d2 engine back when cs:go was announced, and then recently ported it to cs:go...had i known about the new sun shadows when i started, i would have made a completely different map.

love having them.

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I remade A for alpha 2 of my tf2 map

The view from blue's lowest spawn (and blues medium spawn on the far left)


View of blue spawn. Far left is blue's tall exit, then low exit then medium exit.


The bridge to A from below


Here is a cool shot showing landmarks in the skybox. In the foreground is A, the two grey smoke stacks to the right is B and the two red smoke stacks on the left is C. Far bottom left is the back alley to A.


Other side of bridge from below facing A


A with C in the background


View from A towards blue spawn





A with a view of the back alley from the top towards blue spawn


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Wow it seems good, and feeew lots of colors ! :)

i have to be honest i don't really see any siege in those shots - whereas all the other remakes are instantly recognisable :(

I mean, when I look hard I can see what it is, but I think it's just the complete setting change that does that.

I think you'll recognize it when you'll play it. It can be confused when you see the screenshots but the gameplay is respected. I can only ask you to wait a playable version of the map ;)

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Hey guys, if it's not too much trouble I'd like to unofficially request that if you have more than 2-3 shots to show of your level, or continued updates, that you roll a new topic focused on your work - that'll give us way more opportunity to showcase your work on the Twitter feed and maybe the Facebook page here and there by directly linking a thread instead of trying to link to pages or individual posts in this behemoth.

There's some killer stuff the last few pages that I'd really like to highlight, but it's getting pretty dense and harder to isolate. Help me help you! :D

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