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WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

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My line of thought:

1) "Sweet looking UDK level"

2) ... wait wha..?

3) No... no.. must be some mistake...

4) Holy duck. No.. that's not possible to do in Source.

5-55) Brain flipping out, lying spastic on the floor.

56) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! (Luke Skywalker style)

57-107) Hallucinating, fighting off ringwraiths in the ceiling.

108) Slowly finding a way back to reality...

109) Crazy awesome stuff man :)

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As the rest says, it's supernice. Especially the part with the spiralthingy with the blue light at the top is awesome as hell.


Yeah, this is incredible !

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It's a tough job having to post something after you go and post that, but someone has to do it!

Working on my "underwater" quake3 level:



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I know this isn't really level...

It's a selection of a set I should have out on saturday hopefully. It's tweaked versions of old textures I had, this pack will only be some of all ones I had with the same "style", there are just too many useless ones to make it worth updating them. Think the set may land on 70-80 textures or something like that.

And yes, I know texture packs aren't that cool anymore, but better get it out than just have them rotten away on my hdd I guess... may be something useful to find perhaps. Could also probably be used as base for some simpler meshes.


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