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WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

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First released screenshot of the Nuclear Dawn map i'm working on. Hopefully i can show more soon.

Basicly the Tokyo scenario that sa74n used to work on. I started completely from scratch tho with the brushwork. Around half of the assets come from the old mod, the other half is new, with Stellan Johannson and Dennis Griesheimer (dennispls) as environment artists on my side.

nice work matthias, glad to see someone talented working on the japanese map. hope to see some more screenshots soon.

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Hello everyone, there is alot of impressive stuff here!

Here are some screenshots of what I've been working on in the Quake3 engine... I look forward to hearing a fresh perspective from non-q3-community eyes!





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That looks absolutely amazine :shock::o Are you using custom lighting solution? I don't remember Q3 maps' lighting looking that good.

I'd work a bit more on the floors though. They are all flat and boring at the moment. Add some trims and height variations and this map is pure win <3

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I beg to differ, the lighting is lacking contrast and color.

Quake3 original maps are very very rich in color


Whereas in your map there's not a lot going on in terms of colors. I know It's better to make desaturated environments in CG, because somehow it looks a lot more realistic. But I'm getting tired of that and prefer to see environments with a lot of contrast, color and life!

i'd suggest you pick a color palate like this:


And try to achieve the same palette in the game:



Obviously, this is my opinion on the matter! Other than that, the map is looking kick ass! Really great to see Q3 maps in here. keep up dude, and welcome (back) to mapcore I guess! :D

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I completely disagree, actually; I think the lighting needs work but the second shot has great subtle tones and blending. The best colored lighting is rarely the most saturated. I think a bigger problem is the non-descript darkness that comes out of a few of these shots. There's a really cool top-to-bottom gradient to the second and fourth shots (to the point it could even become a vertical navigation aid/reference), but only the second shot really has a totally smooth natural feel - I think that should be the benchmark of the lighting to go with.

That said, I think you would benefit from some enhanced intensity and contrast, but more at the light sources than over the entire scene. It's hard to know for sure just eyeballing it, but I think picking up some more accents near the light sources and letting those blend in to the base lighting could look really good - but depending how you've set up your lighting so far, it might totally hose everything.

Do you have another angle of your third shot? That one seems the least flattering, but I'm wondering if that's just the angle.

Anyway, looking good so far!

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Thanks for the quick feedback, I think there are good arguments on both sides, but that improving lighting is something that can be agreed upon. I like the idea of caustics, and if I can find a good way to implement an accurate looking hack then that would be great.

minotauro: I am using the latest q3map2, which has options that make the lighting look much prettier :)

HP: Your photoshopped version reminds me of bioshock! The saturation levels are definitely something I would like to strive toward; I'll just have to balance it with being light enough to see your way around.

KungFu: The contrasting green/yellow was meant to be a means of differentiating between the lower and upper levels... the direct contrast of the green at the bottom of the pipe is a unique phenomenon currently, I might want to incorporate that more throughout.

I'll post more when I come up with some suitable tweaking. Thanks again, very helpful!

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