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WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!


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Y hello thar!

This night I got bored so I threw together a few brushes to make a 'deathmatch style' CS map. Nothing too fancy and since I only spent one night of it, I havent playtested it yet. It's very small and meant for 1 vs 1. The gameplay type is 'fast paced deathmatch on small scale' (I made that one up all by myself!). The map lacks an apropriate skybox because I couldn't find one fast enough. Also, there is little brushwork left to be done. Not sure if I'll ever get resume on this, but if I do, chances are big that I will add flying spacecrafts carrying crates. I know how silly this is, but it's a fantasy of mine to kill my opponent by shooting a crate loose from an spacecraft wich then elegantly lands on his head.

You might also notice pictures of me and some musicboxes. That's because there is a MP3 being played, namely: Lonely Train - Black stone Cherry (wich is rather awesome if I might add).

The name is: cs_hardmatch (not found on google):





Sorry for the awfull borders and tekst, it's late and I'm in a hurry to my bed.

~ tomatoz


edit: ahw man, the colours in the screenshots make me wanna fekken puke! D:

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