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WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

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WIP for my Portal 2 mod.

A small thing a made for tf2.

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Lovely atmosphere too it, and entirely not recognisable as the source engine which is always a nice thing to say about a level (well, maybe not always!). Not too sure about the detail sprites to be honest though. I've never looked into them, but can you set a max distance on them? If so then it might be cool to have a fairly tight radius of pretty densely packed grass sprites. Dunno if you've tried that, but just an idea. Any particular reason for this scene by the way; part of a map or just screwing around?

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Screwin' around 8)

I was messing with the detail sprites for around 2 hours trying to get the texture, size, color, density and type of sprite all set so that it looked good. What I posted was probably the best I could do (unless I went and created my own detail sprites, which I dont think would work well anyways).

Heres a picture of the soopa-dense grass:

http://img208.imageshack.us/img208/9094 ... 0008fy.jpg

As you can see, less is more :D

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I think the problem is the grass sprite's color doesn't match the grass texture, at that density/opacity anway. Source doesn't do grass in any new way, and other games like BiA work really well with dense grass sprites, but the colors match.

Did you make the skybox/rainbow effect btw?

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