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WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

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9 hours ago, soulja_b0i said:

How did you get that moon to appear correctly? Is it a over sized sprite in the skybox? 😶

Moon is env_sprite placed inside skybox. Valve did same thing on their coop map.

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This was effectively the first layout idea I made and drafted out. It can be faster in some ways to some stuff on pen and paper but going through it this way through hammer helps me visualize angles and see things more clearly that are flawed and help with a sense of scale at least. Even though this is my first map I'm working on essentially I want to end up with something I can be proud of working on and developing. That said I don't want anything to fancy as I'm not skilled, but want to create something that is at least a joy to play. The only main thing I was happy with while sketching out this layout was the "long a" at the bottom of the image with the idea of being lower compared to the bombsite platform. Only other concept I like the idea of working with is the middle being a covered interior. Feels extremely intimidating for the first time but I'm extremely happy to at the least make my first step.


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