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WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

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Wow awesome I think you have to write C# with OpenTK right because OpenTK can work all platforms. I see OpenGL.net is like shit and dies it. OpenTK is still alive and works fine and makes realistic game engine like Wave Engine, Xenko Engine, Unity3D. Urho Engine, Cocos Engine or MonoGame etc...

PS: I am jealous to C# coders because I want learn more details of textures like emission, speculator or diffuse etc... Does C# coding in our mapcore here?


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Sooooooooo damn good to be back in the editor after the holidays x]

Bit of background on this piece:

I've always wanted to make a level that utilizes verticality in a setting such as a clock tower or something, but decided to go with a space station instead. Players, trapped within the space station will need to escape by ascending an assembly station and powering-up this large mech in the center of the area. Each time a different piece of the mech/robot is powered, it will move and reveal a new path either by force (ex. punching holes in the wall and opening a new pathway) or by moving a limb to create a bridge to a previously unreachable area. 

Goal for this piece is to further develop my design skills in providing good player feedback, vertical level design, and practice building for "over-the-shoulder" shooter games and genres. 








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