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WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

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3 hours ago, blackdog said:

Interesting @holiestcows, looks like is an FPS adventure? You working on a game of your own?

Yeah kind of, been working on it the last month during my free time between projects with TheHorseStrangler. Spent the first 2 weeks alone learning strictly blueprints, its been fun though, UE4 is just genuinely enjoyable to work in. Especially after all the hoops that source puts you through on bigger scale projects. 

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3 minutes ago, NickNG25 said:

This is my latest piece of work, its a finished UE4 scene.Btw, i'm posting here because i can't start a new topic.

Now you can! It only took one post into an existing topic. :) Welcome on Mapcore.

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Hey guys,

I started on a new map layout and the theme is a kind of lab in a deserted place. In the lab they create new weapons and technologies. I would love to get ur opinion on what rocks I should use, since this will give the location of the map. Currently I used a few different rocks shown on the screenshots here: http://imgur.com/a/sQw97


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