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WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

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More progress and a slight ambient change on my current map (click for full size):




I agree with everyone that this looks really awesome.


Generally though I feel that that scenes which use more than 3-4 colors tend to break down, and I don't exactly feel my opinion changing here. I'd still recommend honing in on one primary, secondary, and tertiary minor color for spice. Right now every color in your scene feels like a spice color, and the scenes would probably benefit from being limited to simply 3 colors. Just my opinion, I think it would help the scenes. Great work either way!!

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Finally got a Maya -> workflow figured out. last week was all trouble shooting trying to get MESA or the Valve Maya plugins working. What a pain..  Here is my first prop, one of the small domes for the mosque... 




I'm still not sure what proper mapcore etiquette is..  Is it ok to update both in this thread and my personal WIP?

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