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I chose this over Prototype :)

Really liked it, one of the best games of this year so far, even if it is slightly rough around the edges. Has a really good grasp of making you feel like a badass, and has some really brilliant moments, my favorite probably being the mission where you're hunting down the busses and have to hover down on them from rooftops to disable em.

Also has a really good soundtrack~<3 Amon Tobin

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Good game, if too angsty for its own good. Combat was surprising in that it did a really good job of maintaining a pretty strong difficulty throughout, even while overloading you with powers. It gets a bit spammy at times, but the platforming changes it up enough where that doesn't really become a problem.

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infamouse is good stuff

i played through it twice i rarely do that with games these days i also agree on the soudntrack being rather awsome !

(i am total hooked on the song from the credits)

i didnt buy prototype becasue its an activision product and they need to be boycotted abit !

a coworker lent me his retail pc disc but it ran at like 10 fps on my machine on the lowest settings...

so no opinion on prototype yet ... but it does look fun too !

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